"You can do everything if you are vigorous" Is that true? I experienced

I am Mr.adolescence.

"Are you vigorooooous!!!!!?????
You can do everything if you are vigorous!!!!!!!"

This is what Antonio INOKI ,who is japanese professional wrestler,is always saying.

Is that true? I wonderd.
So I experienced.

By the way, I suffered from melancholy when I was 20.
In those days, I was not vigorous at all and I could not do anything.
I didn't want to do anything, even to die.

But!! Now!!!
I am extremely vigorous!!!!

I don't know why, but I am full of self-confidence with no basis.

Almost all kinds of things will go successfully.
Even if they won't go, fatal accidents merely happen, I think so.

Therefore, I experienced whether we can do everything if we are vigorous.

Conctretely speaking, I experienced how busy schedule vigorous person can deal with.

This experience started on 2017/12/20.
From this day, I had done part time job at preparatory school for 11 days.
I worked 10 hours a day.(12:00~22:00)
While I dealt with this 11 days series of job, I read 8 novels.(I used morning time)
And I solved the past questions of Ritsumeikan universitiy and Doshisha university, which is japanese famous university, in order to prepare for instruction to students.
(entrance examination of japanese university is very severe,what is called "examination war".)

12/30, I had a party with my friends.
12/31, I had another party , and I had a good time with talking with my friends.

2018/1/1, I dealt with jobs which I recieved through crowd sourcing almost all day.
1/2, similar.
1/3~1/8, I did part time job at preparatory school.(12:00~22:00)
I did crowd sourcing job in rest time.

1/8, I had a party with my friends again.

In this period, I read 4 books about economics.

1/9, my university classes started, but had not finished my assignments!!
So I sat up all night and finished them.

1/9~1/11 I managed to carry out university classes and to do part time job at night.

In this period, I read a technical book about city planning.

Today is 1/12.

I am still vigorous, but I am feeling a faint dizziness, and my body weight decreased by 3kg......
(I am originally height:170cm, weight:54kg, so decreasing by 3kg is fatal crisis!!!)

I felt this experience is dangerous, so I gave up.
If I collapse, many people will be at a loss.
Taking a rest is also a job.......


If we are not vigorous, we cannot do anything.
But even if we are vigorous, we cannot exactry do everything.

........well, I'm sorry to show you extreamly ordinaly information with no novelty...

Thank you for reading to the end.

Please be careful about your health!!!!

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